Thursday, 25 June 2009

Did you know...

Some interesting facts you may not be aware of. Titbits for good gentlemen's conversation.
Military men from as long ago as the Roundhead and Cavalier days, would treat the blisters that manifested themselves on their feet during a long route march by urinating on them. This is a practice still carried out in today's modern British Army...although we are led to believe the Royal Marines are known to carry skincare products that could also be found in a ladies handbag!

It is rumoured that those lucky gentlemen with Harems in the Middle East used to bash their "sword" with nettles as a stimulant before heading into action. I don't know where they sourced the nettles from or whether or not they have succumbed to the less painful blue tablet.

Snuff (powdered tobacco) taking, the practice of sniffing the powder up one's nose used to be accompanied by a pint of best ale, a pipe smoke and good conversation in the local public house. How times have changed!

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