Sunday, 26 July 2009

Are Shoes Really Meant for this Sort of Shinanigans?

That video site YouTube is full of all sorts of's a bit like the telly. I came across a few clips that I'd thought I'd share. Now for me, shoes and boots need to be of high quality, reflect one's personality and be the foundation to showing off the rest of your attire. Of course, they also need to be comfortable and used for walking; the odd bit of boogie and parking under a lusty maiden's bed. I'm not sure about these clips however, they've opened up my eyes to something completely different and potentially a little sinister. Call me cynical, but I think these chaps are quite lonely and don't get out much. Take a look and you decide.

I like the fact he has another pair next to his chair on standby...just in case something happens. Which could be anything! This next one is just plain weird...not only does he have very poor taste in boots, he also needs to undertake a prolonged session of physical jerks to reduce the size of those hairy calfs. He must be a Septic.

And finally, this next one has a bit of a storyline! Note the title, a budding Steven Spielberg perhaps? Perhaps not. Starts off wearing some old tatty shoes and quite rightly changes them for a nice shiny pair of boots. I personally think he's recently returned from a trip to the shops and has got himself all excited and dressed up for this one....should have pressed his trousers though.

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