Monday, 13 July 2009

Who was spotted at the 2009 Henley Regatta?

A few pictures from this year's Regatta, with some cutting comments to boot. Did you know a young lady was refused access because her dress revealed her knees? This was the same dress that she wore in the Royal Enclosure at Ascot earlier this year. Madame, the knees were irrelevant...the same dress for two occasions...really! Here are those photographs.

Sir, your sunglasses and blazer may cut the mustard...but your shirt and tie certainly don't! What were you thinking?! Now, you sir...yes you on the right, I thought knobbly knee competitions were restricted to holiday camps...clearly I must be wrong. Now, if this is the look you wish to portray, may I recommend you go for a pair of "Keefs" next time.
To the Gentleman on the left...much better! Well done sir! Nice bright blazer and tie. Which Team are you associated with? Either way...very dapper. And on the right, again...well done sir! Now which one of those filly's became the lucky lady! It looks like they're both vying for your attention, even if we can't see the lady on the right.

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